No Poverty Of Love

What Does That Mean?

About "No Poverty of Love"

This is my personal mantra and the focus of this blog ...

                    There is No Poverty of Love

This is the truth that I need to remember and the message I want to share and teach to a world dying (some even killing themselves) because they believe their source of love is gone and is no longer available to them. People are “looking for love in all the wrong places” for sure. 

What's Love Got To Do With It?

What CoVID-19 Has to Say About It

[Note: I received this message during meditation on 4-13-2020 and decided to keep it to myself. But, as time goes by it feels like truth, given what we are seeing and experiencing of human behavior, in the U.S., in the midst of this pandemic environment.]  


"The energy will be that of - a knowing, a warning, from the other side about where humanity is headed. There must be a releasing of the sins of the past and the embracing of others as one - a part of who we each are. Unity, brotherhood, sisterhood ... 

All around the world there is a deep desire to understand why the pandemic has arrived and a fear of what the ultimate cost to humanity will be. What is the lesson that must be learned and embraced in order to release us from the grip of the pandemic?  

The change that is needed, the change that is going to come, will be determined by our ability to love one another, embrace one another, break bread together, and really understand the meaning of oneness and act accordingly.


What are you/humanity willing to lose to maintain your false superiority over one another? Sit and think about the ultimate loss of life that is being required in order to maintain separate thinking. This virus is indeed no respecter of race, gender, or financial stability. In this time, what happens to one happens to all - for good or for bad. Leaders and influencers must remember this as they use their individual and unique platforms to reach the masses. Try to make this world a better place, if we can. 

“Reach out and touch somebody's hand… It is not so hard if you try. " 


Comment (from the writer):  

I understand that SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is a very complicated virus and I also understand that humanity has a larger illness/virus to address and heal.